Text Box: Speaking Clearly & Effectively
Voice & Speech Coaching


Coaching for professionals looking to improve communication skills.

We communicate with the goal of being understood. In a global economy, where English is the language of business, speaking clearly and effectively matters. Being successful in your organization is as much a function of how you communicate your ideas. Many factors such as a strong foreign accent or poor articulation can detract from effectively conveying your ideas to others. Voice and diction coaching with a corporate speech coach can help identify those factors and enhance communication skills with programs tailored to address individual and organizational goals.

What is a corporate speech coach?

A corporate speech coach is a licensed and nationally certified speech-language therapist with extensive training in speech productions, language and voice use, foreign accent management, and communication dynamics. The corporate speech coach uses proven methods of identification, awareness-building and coaching to achieve lasting results.

What do you get from a corporate speech coach?
  • coaching based on your unique communication goals

  • motivation and support to achieve results and sustain progress

  • effective strategies and feedback to improve communication skills

  • follow-up and maintenance plan

  • confidentiality


Why hire a corporate speech coach?
  • to improve speech intelligibility and communication skills

  • to learn effective strategies to manage or eliminate communication challenges

  • to improve job performance and productivity

  • to increase confidence and credibility

  • to improve career opportunities

How does voice and diction coaching work?

We create a program specifically designed to achieve your communication goals.  Typical programs require a multi-session commitment including face-to-face meetings and additional phone-based consultation.  Programs include a needs assessment, targeted coaching, practice materials, active progress monitoring, results analysis and report, and follow-up sessions to maintain progress.