Since 1987 Jacobus & Associates have been helping our clients "...improve upon the silence" with professional communication advice.

We offer:

Coaching: Just as an athlete relies on a coach to hone his technique, so should a speaker. We work one-on-one with executives on general or specific communication challenges such as media appearances, high profile presentations, or internal and external business opportunities. Through videotaped replay analysis, we help our clients achieve comfort and confidence in speaking that results in an improved "like factor." We meet with our clients to determine their major issues, analyze videotapes of prior appearances, and design an individualized program that will be responsive to their needs.

Training: We believe that everyone, regardless of position or expertise, can improve his or her communication skills. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in the areas requiring their talents. All of our training is interactive, stimulating and results oriented. We customize every seminar to meet the specific concerns of our clients by conducting a needs analysis prior to training. Each participant receives a customized manual that can be used for future reference. Our training is based on a positive, yet candid, approach to improving communication.

Advising: Many of our clients have communication challenges that require systems, operations, or personnel changes. For example, it is meaningless to train staff in tele-professionalism if the phone system is inadequate or voice mail is inappropriately used. We offer expert advice on organizational factors that will impact on the success of the training programs we develop. Further, we assist organizations in developing seminars and speakers' bureaus as part of their marketing efforts. We develop messages that are persuasive, conversational, stylized, but above all, memorable and successful. We write or edit major presentations for our clients while still staying true to their personal style, as well as design and produce the necessary visuals.

Motivational speaking: We practice what we preach! One of our greatest strengths is motivating organizations to embrace change and gain acceptance by others through short motivational presentations. We can deliver these messages in house, as part of a special event or at conferences and meetings. Sometimes even the obvious messages, such as "Listen to your customer" or "You have to change to grow" can affect organizations when delivered with power.