Do You Have a Fear of Public Speaking?   You are not alone!

Top Ten Worst Human Fears (In the U.S.)

    1. Speaking before a group
    2. Heights
    3. Insects and bugs
    4. Financial problem
    5. Deep water
    6. Sickness
    7. Death
    8. Flying
    9. Loneliness
    10. Dogs

    11. Source: The Book of Lists on America's Greatest Fears

"Fear of public speaking ranks #1 above snakes, heights, financial problems and even death." Imagine…people would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.

Stage fright doesn't have to be debilitating. It actually can be an asset when managed.

You want to control, not eliminate the anxiety!

We Help You:
  • Learn the causes of your anxiety
  • Identify your symptoms and learn techniques to deal with them
  • Interjecting "verbal truths" or anecdotes to add interest and credibility.
  • Practice forced-relaxation techniques
  • Discover the importance of mental imaging
  • Design a plan for low-risk practice sessions

We teach your butterflies to fly in formation