One-on-one support for professional leadership development.

Many times the path to career success seems clear yet somehow the trip gets blocked by hurdles such as lack of creativity, poor interpersonal relationships or self-defeating attitudes. A coach can help you move up the ladder by giving you the knowledge, support and motivation to overcome these obstacles.

What is a coach?

A coach is your guide, mentor and personal confidante to help you move to the next level of career development.

Why hire a coach?
  • to bring business goals into focus
  • to have an objective, independent source for guidance when business challenges arise
  • to act as a sounding board when faced with conflict or confrontations
  • to keep your life in balance
  • to learn new skills for new opportunities
What do you get from a coach?
  • guidelines to reach your goals
  • open and honest feedback
  • motivation and support to achieve results
  • confidentiality
  • techniques for becoming a successful manager, communicator and respected business leader
How does coaching work?

You commit to a minimum coaching program of ten hours to be spread over several months. These hours can be used on the phone or face-to-face. There will be exercises and real-time activities assigned to help you practice new techniques. Emphasis will be placed on preparing for new challenges, enhancing interpersonal relationships and resolving conflicts with debriefing sessions following these situations. Unlike conventional training, coaching focuses on applying new skills and behaviors in the workplace. It takes the theory and puts it into practice. And it works!