Lynne Lowe Jacobus

Ms. Jacobus is President of Jacobus & Associates an Executive Communications Consulting firm in Ambler, PA. She has over 25 years experience coaching business people, attorneys and other professionals in speaking skills. Her firm has given training and advising in communication to corporations, professional sports organizations, hospitals, professional service firms, and financial institutions. She has been on the faculty of both Pennsylvania State and Temple Universities. Presently she is on the faculty in the communications department of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania teaching for the MBA program.

Johanna Gendron

Johanna Gendron is Director of Sales Training for Jacobus & Associates. She has ten years of experience as a national sales trainer for a Fortune 500 corporation where she designed, developed and delivered programs for new hires and seasoned representatives. She is a certified instructor for both Achieve Global's Professional Selling Skills as well as DEI's Prospect Management, although the "athletic connection to sales excellence" is her focus. Ms. Gendron's engaging and energetic presentation style makes her a sought after motivational speaker.

Alvin David Gottlieb

Mr. Gottlieb is an accomplished technical speaker, having presented complex information before domestic and international government agencies, corporations, trade organizations, and professional groups. He is experienced in preparing material content for presentation to venture capital organizations. Mr. Gottlieb offers a unique knowledge of technical and financial issues as well as expert skills in designing text and graphics.



Anne Weisbord

Anne Weisbord, a Senior Associate with Jacobus &Associates, has a solid background in training and in public speaking. For over 20 years she has conducted corporate training programs on performance management issues and career development. She has taught presentation skills to the MBA students in both the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and at Temple University. Other clients include not for profit associations, chambers of commerce, national law firms, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. She frequently serves as a private coach to help business leaders improve their presentations. She holds a M.Ed. degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA and a BA from Ithaca College in NY.