Technology is a boon and a bane for the business presenter. Microsoft's popular program for designing visuals has become the expectation in most corporations. Yet, it is often used so that it interferes with effective communication. It becomes the focus of the message instead of the enhancement it was intended to be.

We believe presentations should be YOU and the PowerPoint not the PowerPoint plus you to read the slides. If you simply read bullet charts aloud to your audience you might as well send the information on Lotus Notes.

Our two-day seminar shows you how to:

  • design effective slides using color fonts, page layouts, graphics, animation and special effects
  • convey information in creative ways
  • deliver the presentation with impact using equipment, feedback adaptation and speaker notes

Each participant delivers a prepared PowerPoint presentation that is videotaped, replayed, critiqued and then analyzed for effectiveness of the message, design and production of slides and delivery.