Imagine having to ask for five million dollars in just fifteen minutes.

That's what most entrepreneurs face when seeking capital for their company. Obtaining financing can be an arduous process. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking start-up capital, an existing business looking for second stage funding or an investment banker raising money you will find competition is so keen that every appointment must be maximized. The 15 minutes before the decision makers is your financial window of opportunity. Enter Jacobus & Associates.

Jacobus & Associates is an executive communications advising firm that helps presenters create credible and professional presentations that will engender confidence and enthusiasm. The famous 19th century industrialist and cofounder of U.S. Steel Henry Schwab said, "I will pay a man more for his ability to communicate than for any other quality he may possess." If that was true 100 years ago, it is even more significant in today's information age. The proliferation of computers, email, fax machines, and modems has created a false sense of security for the millions of business people who are uncomfortable speaking in front of groups. They believe they can hide behind the printed word - let the information speak for itself. Data alone will not persuade. Face-to-face oral communication is inescapable in the quest for venture capital - and it must be the money seekers themselves who present. Now, take a moment to look below and find out how we can help you.


Identifying the needs and desires of your listeners and selecting the "selling points" to address them.

Organizing your presentation so it will be succinct and clear to your audience.

Interjecting "verbal truths" or anecdotes to add interest and credibility.

Developing and producing message- enhancing visual aids.

Analyzing potential objections and creating a plan to deal with them .

Preparing for the question and answer session.

Our Capital Strategy(tm) program for obtaining venture capital includes a 7 point checklist for achieving results from presentations before venture capital groups.



Analysis of your communication strengths and areas of need.

Techniques for controlling anxiety and "connecting" with the listeners.

Techniques for using visual aids .

Techniques for dealing with opposition or "grilling" from your listeners.

Techniques for creating a "likeability factor" through your non-verbal communication (voice and body language).

Our coaching includes videotaped practice sessions so our clients can actually see their communication strengths and areas of need.


Follow Up

We provide our clients with a manual to track and analyze all presentations. Based on these "debriefing" analyses, we can refine the strategy and further optimize your presentation.