In an attempt to sound spontaneous and conversational many business speakers believe they need little or no preparation for their presentations. They forget how powerful the spoken word can be. Regardless of a judge's admonitions, the jury will not disregard the inadmissible evidence they have heard. In fact, the information may gain more importance by the caveat. Executives are often enslaved by presentations created in "written style". These speeches read well because they conform to journalistic standards but don't speak well because they are missing rhetorical factors such as alliteration, repetition, personal pronouns and audience interaction.

We help our clients craft memorable, audience-centered messages that allow for confident and motivational delivery. If you are not excited and convinced by what you have to say, chances are your audience will respond in a like manner. Whether you speak from talking points, manuscripts or notes on transparency frames, we can provide the support you need.

Just fax or email your presentation goals and ideas to us and we will develop your message. We design, develop and produce the visual support needed. We offer attention-getting ideas for introductions and conclusions. We scour our resources to find cartoons or photographs that will add humor or drama to your presentation. We consult with you on wording to ensure you neither offend, alienate or bore your listeners. The internet will allow you access to professional speechwriting and coaching that may not be geographically available. And, as our growing list of clients remark, "the preparation has made all the difference."